Mobile Forensic Workspace (MFW)

MFW assists professionals involved in disaster management and victim identification. It is a useful tool to carry out collaborative forensic activities, also overcoming common problems: duplications, chain-of-custody issues, loss of evidences, etc. It is out-of-the-box compatible with International DVI System, used by Interpol. Additionally, it can be customized for any official institution, and integrated into its data servers (more info here).

The key aims of MFW are to:

  • Allow a systematic and qualified collection of forensic data in disaster scenarios.
  • Improve coordination and collaboration.
  • Provide tools that comply with the current Interpol recommendations.
  • Ensure security and privacy.

In particular, MFW allows to:

  • Manage post-mortem, ante-mortem and loose objects’ information retrieved during the analysis of a disaster scenario.
  • Share and synchronize information, even at scenarios where connectivity is limited (no Internet connection is required).
  • Improve the quality of the data collection by avoiding operative problems: duplication of information, chain of custody issues, losses of evidences, etc.
  • Produce reports in different formats, and wirelessly print them directly from the device.
  • Manage users, work teams and roles on a per-incident basis.
  • Simplify the information input.
  • Manage large datasets of images, videos and sketches.
  • Geo-localize evidences.
  • Store collected information in centralized servers owned by official agencies. Data collected by MFW can be easily adapted to existing systems, such as DVI-Int.

Connectivity and synchronization

Mobile ad-hoc networks are the basis to interconnect and synchronize devices using wireless technologies (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), even when an Internet connection is not available. Such connectivity enables to synchronize the information stored in different devices.

Internet connections allow to store the collected information into external data servers, and to create secure backups.

Existing clients

MFW has already been licensed to Guardia Civil of Spain.